TV Wall Mounting

TV Wall Mounting

Why make do with a TV sitting on the floor, or a wall-mounted TV with trailing wires? It just won’t do! Get your TV wall mounted by our experts and experience your TV’s full potential for the very first time.

TV wall mounting can totally transform your viewing experience and it looks far better than an old fashioned TV cabinet. When you move your TV onto the wall it is a liberating experience, as not only will it compliment your room, but you will be amazed how much space it frees up.

There are lots of ways to get TV wall mounting wrong, so be sure to get our experts in. Our fitters will advise you on the right location, height, and angle for your screen. We also have clever ways of hiding any unsightly wires to give your TV installation a “no wires perfection” job.

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Free consultation

Our process of wall mounting a TV at your house or business always starts with a free consultation to find out more about what you’re looking for.

We will discuss positions, angles and ensure the best possible viewing of your television. 

Professional TV Wall Mounting

We only work with quality brackets and fixings and can accommodate all walls and surfaces using precision techniques for the best results.

Whether you live in an older house with solid walls, a new build with stud walls, or any other surface at your home or business, we’ll find a solution to ensure your television is suitably mounted. 

Hidden Wires

Don’t worry, we hate exposed wires and trunking as much as you…

That’s why we always work hard to hide the cables, ensuring nothing is visible apart from your perfectly mounted TV. 

We tend to feed wires through the back of the wall and behind the TV and we’ll do our best to find a solution that suits you and your newly mounted television.

Soundbars, Sky & Set-top boxes

Often your AV equipment is more than just a television…

We can also supply and fit mounts for soundbars, speakers, Sky and Set-Top boxes, whether that be to sit under or alongside your television, or hidden behind. 

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